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Updated 5 days ago

Updated 5 months ago

The Linux kernel

Updated 19 hours ago

Utilities from the general purpose cryptography library with TLS implementation

Updated 6 days ago

Cloud instance init scripts

Updated 9 hours ago

Library of functions for manipulating TIFF format image files

Updated 1 day ago

X11 keymap client

Updated 4 months ago

Utility for parsing SMBIOS information and configuring canonical BMC access

Updated 4 months ago

Utility like top(1) for displaying virtualization stats

Updated 4 months ago

Macros and scripts for Java packaging support

Updated 4 weeks ago

Finnish spellchecker and hyphenator extension for LibreOffice

Updated 4 months ago

Plugin to manipulate, copy and unpack local and remote artifacts

Updated 4 weeks ago

A GNU source-level debugger for C, C++, Fortran, Go and other languages

Updated 1 year ago

JavaScript runtime

Updated 12 hours ago

SDL 1.2 runtime compatibility library using SDL 2.0

Updated 4 months ago