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Libguestfs is a set of tools and a library for accessing and modifying
guest disk images. For more information see the home page:
For discussion, development, patches, etc. please use the mailing
This Red Hat Enterprise Linux package comes with a lot of help and
examples to get you started.
The first place to start are the manual pages. Type:
man guestfs
man guestfs-faq
man guestfs-release-notes
man guestfish
man virt-cat # and other virt-* tools
If you install the libguestfs-devel package, then in the
/usr/share/doc/libguestfs-devel/ directory you will also
- BUGS: list of open bugs in this version
- ChangeLog: the detailed list of changes in this version
- ROADMAP: the roadmap for future versions
- TODO: ideas for extending libguestfs
- *.c: example C programs using the API
- *.xml: example virt-inspector output
- *.rng: virt-inspector RelaxNG schema