Package that installs gcc-toolset-12
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Package %{scl_name} is the main package for Red Hat GCC
Toolset 12. By installing the %{scl_name} package, you will get
the working set of packages that are included in Red Hat GCC
Toolset 12, which includes development and debugging tools.

Usage: scl enable %{scl} <command>

Red Hat GCC Toolset allows you to build and execute applications
which are not located in the filesystem root hierarchy, but are
stored in an alternative location, which is %{_scl_root} in case
of the %{scl_name} collection.

scl enable %{scl_name} 'command --arg'
Run a specific command with the argument --arg within the %{scl_name}
Red Hat GCC Toolset environment.

scl enable %{scl_name} 'gcc'
Run GCC from the %{scl_name} Red Hat GCC Toolset.

scl enable %{scl_name} 'bash'
Run an interactive shell wherein the %{scl_name} software collection
is enabled.

scl enable %{scl_name} 'man gcc'
Show man pages for the gcc command, which is a part of the
%{scl_name} Red Hat GCC Toolset.

Report bugs to <>.