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commit e1f1deb06d9168a95a381a2236e1d8c693d3d229
Author: Luciano Chavez <>
Date: Wed Aug 24 21:17:54 2022 -0500
lsslot: Explicity declare that lmb_address be displayed in hexadecimal
A printf statement used is lsslot.c was specifying the macro PRIu64 to
display the lmb_address. Depending on the compilation, this would
either display as a hexadecimal or decimal value.
This patch replaces PRIu64 with PRIx64 to explicitly declare to print
the value as hexadecimal as that was is normally expected of an address.
Signed-off-by: Luciano Chavez <>
Signed-off-by: Tyrel Datwyler <>
diff --git a/src/drmgr/lsslot.c b/src/drmgr/lsslot.c
index 7ea0f8b..87f876e 100644
--- a/src/drmgr/lsslot.c
+++ b/src/drmgr/lsslot.c
@@ -756,7 +756,7 @@ int print_drconf_mem(struct lmb_list_head *lmb_list)
printf("%s: %s\n", lmb->drc_name,
lmb->is_owned ? "" : "Not Owned");
- printf(" DRC Index: %x Address: %"PRIu64"\n",
+ printf(" DRC Index: %x Address: %"PRIx64"\n",
lmb->drc_index, lmb->lmb_address);
printf(" Removable: %s Associativity: ",
lmb->is_removable ? "Yes" : "No ");