System-level performance monitoring and performance management
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bcc included in RHEL 8.6 doesn't support the kernel_struct_has_field function.
The 4.18.x kernel in RHEL 8.6 did backport the `state` to `__state` rename (upstream:
change was in kernel v5.14+), and now we're in a situation where we can't test for
the existence of this kernel struct member and also can't rely on a kernel version check.
Therefore, let's patch it here for RHEL 8.x only:
diff --git a/src/pmdas/bcc/modules/runqlat.python b/src/pmdas/bcc/modules/runqlat.python
index 1c6c6b4b0..efc30e958 100644
--- a/src/pmdas/bcc/modules/runqlat.python
+++ b/src/pmdas/bcc/modules/runqlat.python
@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ class PCPBCCModule(PCPBCCBase):
if (
hasattr(BPF, "kernel_struct_has_field")
and BPF.kernel_struct_has_field(b"task_struct", b"__state") == 1
- ) or self.kernel_version() >= (5, 14, 0):
+ ) or self.kernel_version() >= (4, 18, 0):
self.bpf_text = self.bpf_text.replace('STATE_FIELD', '__state')
self.bpf_text = self.bpf_text.replace('STATE_FIELD', 'state')