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0249ad4c4ca1f144714e8e21b6d0db24651fc122 SOURCES/gzip-1.9.tar.xz

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@ -0,0 +1,9 @@
test -f /usr/libexec/
if ( $status == 1 ) exit
/usr/libexec/ -c
if ( $status == 1 ) exit
alias zgrep 'zgrep --color=auto'
alias zfgrep 'zfgrep --color=auto'
alias zegrep 'zegrep --color=auto'

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@ -0,0 +1,6 @@
[ -f /usr/libexec/ ] || return
/usr/libexec/ -c || return
alias zgrep='zgrep --color=auto' 2>/dev/null
alias zfgrep='zfgrep --color=auto' 2>/dev/null
alias zegrep='zegrep --color=auto' 2>/dev/null

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@ -0,0 +1,451 @@
GNU Free Documentation License
Version 1.3, 3 November 2008
Copyright (C) 2000, 2001, 2002, 2007, 2008 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
Everyone is permitted to copy and distribute verbatim copies
of this license document, but changing it is not allowed.
The purpose of this License is to make a manual, textbook, or other
functional and useful document "free" in the sense of freedom: to
assure everyone the effective freedom to copy and redistribute it,
with or without modifying it, either commercially or noncommercially.
Secondarily, this License preserves for the author and publisher a way
to get credit for their work, while not being considered responsible
for modifications made by others.
This License is a kind of "copyleft", which means that derivative
works of the document must themselves be free in the same sense. It
complements the GNU General Public License, which is a copyleft
license designed for free software.
We have designed this License in order to use it for manuals for free
software, because free software needs free documentation: a free
program should come with manuals providing the same freedoms that the
software does. But this License is not limited to software manuals;
it can be used for any textual work, regardless of subject matter or
whether it is published as a printed book. We recommend this License
principally for works whose purpose is instruction or reference.
This License applies to any manual or other work, in any medium, that
contains a notice placed by the copyright holder saying it can be
distributed under the terms of this License. Such a notice grants a
world-wide, royalty-free license, unlimited in duration, to use that
work under the conditions stated herein. The "Document", below,
refers to any such manual or work. Any member of the public is a
licensee, and is addressed as "you". You accept the license if you
copy, modify or distribute the work in a way requiring permission
under copyright law.
A "Modified Version" of the Document means any work containing the
Document or a portion of it, either copied verbatim, or with
modifications and/or translated into another language.
A "Secondary Section" is a named appendix or a front-matter section of
the Document that deals exclusively with the relationship of the
publishers or authors of the Document to the Document's overall
subject (or to related matters) and contains nothing that could fall
directly within that overall subject. (Thus, if the Document is in
part a textbook of mathematics, a Secondary Section may not explain
any mathematics.) The relationship could be a matter of historical
connection with the subject or with related matters, or of legal,
commercial, philosophical, ethical or political position regarding
The "Invariant Sections" are certain Secondary Sections whose titles
are designated, as being those of Invariant Sections, in the notice
that says that the Document is released under this License. If a
section does not fit the above definition of Secondary then it is not
allowed to be designated as Invariant. The Document may contain zero
Invariant Sections. If the Document does not identify any Invariant
Sections then there are none.
The "Cover Texts" are certain short passages of text that are listed,
as Front-Cover Texts or Back-Cover Texts, in the notice that says that
the Document is released under this License. A Front-Cover Text may
be at most 5 words, and a Back-Cover Text may be at most 25 words.
A "Transparent" copy of the Document means a machine-readable copy,
represented in a format whose specification is available to the
general public, that is suitable for revising the document
straightforwardly with generic text editors or (for images composed of
pixels) generic paint programs or (for drawings) some widely available
drawing editor, and that is suitable for input to text formatters or
for automatic translation to a variety of formats suitable for input
to text formatters. A copy made in an otherwise Transparent file
format whose markup, or absence of markup, has been arranged to thwart
or discourage subsequent modification by readers is not Transparent.
An image format is not Transparent if used for any substantial amount
of text. A copy that is not "Transparent" is called "Opaque".
Examples of suitable formats for Transparent copies include plain
ASCII without markup, Texinfo input format, LaTeX input format, SGML
or XML using a publicly available DTD, and standard-conforming simple
HTML, PostScript or PDF designed for human modification. Examples of
transparent image formats include PNG, XCF and JPG. Opaque formats
include proprietary formats that can be read and edited only by
proprietary word processors, SGML or XML for which the DTD and/or
processing tools are not generally available, and the
machine-generated HTML, PostScript or PDF produced by some word
processors for output purposes only.
The "Title Page" means, for a printed book, the title page itself,
plus such following pages as are needed to hold, legibly, the material
this License requires to appear in the title page. For works in
formats which do not have any title page as such, "Title Page" means
the text near the most prominent appearance of the work's title,
preceding the beginning of the body of the text.
The "publisher" means any person or entity that distributes copies of
the Document to the public.
A section "Entitled XYZ" means a named subunit of the Document whose
title either is precisely XYZ or contains XYZ in parentheses following
text that translates XYZ in another language. (Here XYZ stands for a
specific section name mentioned below, such as "Acknowledgements",
"Dedications", "Endorsements", or "History".) To "Preserve the Title"
of such a section when you modify the Document means that it remains a
section "Entitled XYZ" according to this definition.
The Document may include Warranty Disclaimers next to the notice which
states that this License applies to the Document. These Warranty
Disclaimers are considered to be included by reference in this
License, but only as regards disclaiming warranties: any other
implication that these Warranty Disclaimers may have is void and has
no effect on the meaning of this License.
You may copy and distribute the Document in any medium, either
commercially or noncommercially, provided that this License, the
copyright notices, and the license notice saying this License applies
to the Document are reproduced in all copies, and that you add no
other conditions whatsoever to those of this License. You may not use
technical measures to obstruct or control the reading or further
copying of the copies you make or distribute. However, you may accept
compensation in exchange for copies. If you distribute a large enough
number of copies you must also follow the conditions in section 3.
You may also lend copies, under the same conditions stated above, and
you may publicly display copies.
If you publish printed copies (or copies in media that commonly have
printed covers) of the Document, numbering more than 100, and the
Document's license notice requires Cover Texts, you must enclose the
copies in covers that carry, clearly and legibly, all these Cover
Texts: Front-Cover Texts on the front cover, and Back-Cover Texts on
the back cover. Both covers must also clearly and legibly identify
you as the publisher of these copies. The front cover must present
the full title with all words of the title equally prominent and
visible. You may add other material on the covers in addition.
Copying with changes limited to the covers, as long as they preserve
the title of the Document and satisfy these conditions, can be treated
as verbatim copying in other respects.
If the required texts for either cover are too voluminous to fit
legibly, you should put the first ones listed (as many as fit
reasonably) on the actual cover, and continue the rest onto adjacent
If you publish or distribute Opaque copies of the Document numbering
more than 100, you must either include a machine-readable Transparent
copy along with each Opaque copy, or state in or with each Opaque copy
a computer-network location from which the general network-using
public has access to download using public-standard network protocols
a complete Transparent copy of the Document, free of added material.
If you use the latter option, you must take reasonably prudent steps,
when you begin distribution of Opaque copies in quantity, to ensure
that this Transparent copy will remain thus accessible at the stated
location until at least one year after the last time you distribute an
Opaque copy (directly or through your agents or retailers) of that
edition to the public.
It is requested, but not required, that you contact the authors of the
Document well before redistributing any large number of copies, to
give them a chance to provide you with an updated version of the
You may copy and distribute a Modified Version of the Document under
the conditions of sections 2 and 3 above, provided that you release
the Modified Version under precisely this License, with the Modified
Version filling the role of the Document, thus licensing distribution
and modification of the Modified Version to whoever possesses a copy
of it. In addition, you must do these things in the Modified Version:
A. Use in the Title Page (and on the covers, if any) a title distinct
from that of the Document, and from those of previous versions
(which should, if there were any, be listed in the History section
of the Document). You may use the same title as a previous version
if the original publisher of that version gives permission.
B. List on the Title Page, as authors, one or more persons or entities
responsible for authorship of the modifications in the Modified
Version, together with at least five of the principal authors of the
Document (all of its principal authors, if it has fewer than five),
unless they release you from this requirement.
C. State on the Title page the name of the publisher of the
Modified Version, as the publisher.
D. Preserve all the copyright notices of the Document.
E. Add an appropriate copyright notice for your modifications
adjacent to the other copyright notices.
F. Include, immediately after the copyright notices, a license notice
giving the public permission to use the Modified Version under the
terms of this License, in the form shown in the Addendum below.
G. Preserve in that license notice the full lists of Invariant Sections
and required Cover Texts given in the Document's license notice.
H. Include an unaltered copy of this License.
I. Preserve the section Entitled "History", Preserve its Title, and add
to it an item stating at least the title, year, new authors, and
publisher of the Modified Version as given on the Title Page. If
there is no section Entitled "History" in the Document, create one
stating the title, year, authors, and publisher of the Document as
given on its Title Page, then add an item describing the Modified
Version as stated in the previous sentence.
J. Preserve the network location, if any, given in the Document for
public access to a Transparent copy of the Document, and likewise
the network locations given in the Document for previous versions
it was based on. These may be placed in the "History" section.
You may omit a network location for a work that was published at
least four years before the Document itself, or if the original
publisher of the version it refers to gives permission.
K. For any section Entitled "Acknowledgements" or "Dedications",
Preserve the Title of the section, and preserve in the section all
the substance and tone of each of the contributor acknowledgements
and/or dedications given therein.
L. Preserve all the Invariant Sections of the Document,
unaltered in their text and in their titles. Section numbers
or the equivalent are not considered part of the section titles.
M. Delete any section Entitled "Endorsements". Such a section
may not be included in the Modified Version.
N. Do not retitle any existing section to be Entitled "Endorsements"
or to conflict in title with any Invariant Section.
O. Preserve any Warranty Disclaimers.
If the Modified Version includes new front-matter sections or
appendices that qualify as Secondary Sections and contain no material
copied from the Document, you may at your option designate some or all
of these sections as invariant. To do this, add their titles to the
list of Invariant Sections in the Modified Version's license notice.
These titles must be distinct from any other section titles.
You may add a section Entitled "Endorsements", provided it contains
nothing but endorsements of your Modified Version by various
parties--for example, statements of peer review or that the text has
been approved by an organization as the authoritative definition of a
You may add a passage of up to five words as a Front-Cover Text, and a
passage of up to 25 words as a Back-Cover Text, to the end of the list
of Cover Texts in the Modified Version. Only one passage of
Front-Cover Text and one of Back-Cover Text may be added by (or
through arrangements made by) any one entity. If the Document already
includes a cover text for the same cover, previously added by you or
by arrangement made by the same entity you are acting on behalf of,
you may not add another; but you may replace the old one, on explicit
permission from the previous publisher that added the old one.
The author(s) and publisher(s) of the Document do not by this License
give permission to use their names for publicity for or to assert or
imply endorsement of any Modified Version.
You may combine the Document with other documents released under this
License, under the terms defined in section 4 above for modified
versions, provided that you include in the combination all of the
Invariant Sections of all of the original documents, unmodified, and
list them all as Invariant Sections of your combined work in its
license notice, and that you preserve all their Warranty Disclaimers.
The combined work need only contain one copy of this License, and
multiple identical Invariant Sections may be replaced with a single
copy. If there are multiple Invariant Sections with the same name but
different contents, make the title of each such section unique by
adding at the end of it, in parentheses, the name of the original
author or publisher of that section if known, or else a unique number.
Make the same adjustment to the section titles in the list of
Invariant Sections in the license notice of the combined work.
In the combination, you must combine any sections Entitled "History"
in the various original documents, forming one section Entitled
"History"; likewise combine any sections Entitled "Acknowledgements",
and any sections Entitled "Dedications". You must delete all sections
Entitled "Endorsements".
You may make a collection consisting of the Document and other
documents released under this License, and replace the individual
copies of this License in the various documents with a single copy
that is included in the collection, provided that you follow the rules
of this License for verbatim copying of each of the documents in all
other respects.
You may extract a single document from such a collection, and
distribute it individually under this License, provided you insert a
copy of this License into the extracted document, and follow this
License in all other respects regarding verbatim copying of that
A compilation of the Document or its derivatives with other separate
and independent documents or works, in or on a volume of a storage or
distribution medium, is called an "aggregate" if the copyright
resulting from the compilation is not used to limit the legal rights
of the compilation's users beyond what the individual works permit.
When the Document is included in an aggregate, this License does not
apply to the other works in the aggregate which are not themselves
derivative works of the Document.
If the Cover Text requirement of section 3 is applicable to these
copies of the Document, then if the Document is less than one half of
the entire aggregate, the Document's Cover Texts may be placed on
covers that bracket the Document within the aggregate, or the
electronic equivalent of covers if the Document is in electronic form.
Otherwise they must appear on printed covers that bracket the whole
Translation is considered a kind of modification, so you may
distribute translations of the Document under the terms of section 4.
Replacing Invariant Sections with translations requires special
permission from their copyright holders, but you may include
translations of some or all Invariant Sections in addition to the
original versions of these Invariant Sections. You may include a
translation of this License, and all the license notices in the
Document, and any Warranty Disclaimers, provided that you also include
the original English version of this License and the original versions
of those notices and disclaimers. In case of a disagreement between
the translation and the original version of this License or a notice
or disclaimer, the original version will prevail.
If a section in the Document is Entitled "Acknowledgements",
"Dedications", or "History", the requirement (section 4) to Preserve
its Title (section 1) will typically require changing the actual
You may not copy, modify, sublicense, or distribute the Document
except as expressly provided under this License. Any attempt
otherwise to copy, modify, sublicense, or distribute it is void, and
will automatically terminate your rights under this License.
However, if you cease all violation of this License, then your license
from a particular copyright holder is reinstated (a) provisionally,
unless and until the copyright holder explicitly and finally
terminates your license, and (b) permanently, if the copyright holder
fails to notify you of the violation by some reasonable means prior to
60 days after the cessation.
Moreover, your license from a particular copyright holder is
reinstated permanently if the copyright holder notifies you of the
violation by some reasonable means, this is the first time you have
received notice of violation of this License (for any work) from that
copyright holder, and you cure the violation prior to 30 days after
your receipt of the notice.
Termination of your rights under this section does not terminate the
licenses of parties who have received copies or rights from you under
this License. If your rights have been terminated and not permanently
reinstated, receipt of a copy of some or all of the same material does
not give you any rights to use it.
The Free Software Foundation may publish new, revised versions of the
GNU Free Documentation License from time to time. Such new versions
will be similar in spirit to the present version, but may differ in
detail to address new problems or concerns. See
Each version of the License is given a distinguishing version number.
If the Document specifies that a particular numbered version of this
License "or any later version" applies to it, you have the option of
following the terms and conditions either of that specified version or
of any later version that has been published (not as a draft) by the
Free Software Foundation. If the Document does not specify a version
number of this License, you may choose any version ever published (not
as a draft) by the Free Software Foundation. If the Document
specifies that a proxy can decide which future versions of this
License can be used, that proxy's public statement of acceptance of a
version permanently authorizes you to choose that version for the
"Massive Multiauthor Collaboration Site" (or "MMC Site") means any
World Wide Web server that publishes copyrightable works and also
provides prominent facilities for anybody to edit those works. A
public wiki that anybody can edit is an example of such a server. A
"Massive Multiauthor Collaboration" (or "MMC") contained in the site
means any set of copyrightable works thus published on the MMC site.
"CC-BY-SA" means the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0
license published by Creative Commons Corporation, a not-for-profit
corporation with a principal place of business in San Francisco,
California, as well as future copyleft versions of that license
published by that same organization.
"Incorporate" means to publish or republish a Document, in whole or in
part, as part of another Document.
An MMC is "eligible for relicensing" if it is licensed under this
License, and if all works that were first published under this License
somewhere other than this MMC, and subsequently incorporated in whole or
in part into the MMC, (1) had no cover texts or invariant sections, and
(2) were thus incorporated prior to November 1, 2008.
The operator of an MMC Site may republish an MMC contained in the site
under CC-BY-SA on the same site at any time before August 1, 2009,
provided the MMC is eligible for relicensing.
ADDENDUM: How to use this License for your documents
To use this License in a document you have written, include a copy of
the License in the document and put the following copyright and
license notices just after the title page:
Copyright (c) YEAR YOUR NAME.
Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document
under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License, Version 1.3
or any later version published by the Free Software Foundation;
with no Invariant Sections, no Front-Cover Texts, and no Back-Cover Texts.
A copy of the license is included in the section entitled "GNU
Free Documentation License".
If you have Invariant Sections, Front-Cover Texts and Back-Cover Texts,
replace the "with...Texts." line with this:
with the Invariant Sections being LIST THEIR TITLES, with the
Front-Cover Texts being LIST, and with the Back-Cover Texts being LIST.
If you have Invariant Sections without Cover Texts, or some other
combination of the three, merge those two alternatives to suit the
If your document contains nontrivial examples of program code, we
recommend releasing these examples in parallel under your choice of
free software license, such as the GNU General Public License,
to permit their use in free software.

SOURCES/gnulib.patch Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,189 @@
From 1831628c0630ae96a43586b2a25ca51cbdba3e53 Mon Sep 17 00:00:00 2001
From: Paul Eggert <address@hidden>
Date: Mon, 5 Mar 2018 10:56:29 -0800
Subject: [PATCH] fflush: adjust to glibc 2.28 libio.h removal
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit
Problem reported by Daniel P. Berrangé in:
* lib/fbufmode.c (fbufmode):
* lib/fflush.c (clear_ungetc_buffer_preserving_position)
(disable_seek_optimization, rpl_fflush):
* lib/fpending.c (__fpending):
* lib/fpurge.c (fpurge):
* lib/freadable.c (freadable):
* lib/freadahead.c (freadahead):
* lib/freading.c (freading):
* lib/freadptr.c (freadptr):
* lib/freadseek.c (freadptrinc):
* lib/fseeko.c (fseeko):
* lib/fseterr.c (fseterr):
* lib/fwritable.c (fwritable):
* lib/fwriting.c (fwriting):
Check _IO_EOF_SEEN instead of _IO_ftrylockfile.
* lib/stdio-impl.h (_IO_IN_BACKUP) [_IO_EOF_SEEN]:
Define if not already defined.
ChangeLog | 23 +++++++++++++++++++++++
lib/fbufmode.c | 2 +-
lib/fflush.c | 6 +++---
lib/fpending.c | 2 +-
lib/fpurge.c | 2 +-
lib/freadable.c | 2 +-
lib/freadahead.c | 2 +-
lib/freading.c | 2 +-
lib/freadptr.c | 2 +-
lib/freadseek.c | 2 +-
lib/fseeko.c | 4 ++--
lib/fseterr.c | 2 +-
lib/fwritable.c | 2 +-
lib/fwriting.c | 2 +-
lib/stdio-impl.h | 6 ++++++
15 files changed, 45 insertions(+), 16 deletions(-)
diff --git a/ChangeLog b/ChangeLog
index 667f91663..beb835670 100644
--- a/ChangeLog
+++ b/ChangeLog
@@ -1,3 +1,26 @@
+2018-03-05 Paul Eggert <address@hidden>
+ fflush: adjust to glibc 2.28 libio.h removal
+ Problem reported by Daniel P. Berrangé in:
+ * lib/fbufmode.c (fbufmode):
+ * lib/fflush.c (clear_ungetc_buffer_preserving_position)
+ (disable_seek_optimization, rpl_fflush):
+ * lib/fpending.c (__fpending):
+ * lib/fpurge.c (fpurge):
+ * lib/freadable.c (freadable):
+ * lib/freadahead.c (freadahead):
+ * lib/freading.c (freading):
+ * lib/freadptr.c (freadptr):
+ * lib/freadseek.c (freadptrinc):
+ * lib/fseeko.c (fseeko):
+ * lib/fseterr.c (fseterr):
+ * lib/fwritable.c (fwritable):
+ * lib/fwriting.c (fwriting):
+ Check _IO_EOF_SEEN instead of _IO_ftrylockfile.
+ * lib/stdio-impl.h (_IO_IN_BACKUP) [_IO_EOF_SEEN]:
+ Define if not already defined.
2018-01-07 Jim Meyering <>
version 1.9
* NEWS: Record release date.
diff --git a/lib/fflush.c b/lib/fflush.c
index 983ade0ff..a6edfa105 100644
--- a/lib/fflush.c
+++ b/lib/fflush.c
@@ -33,7 +33,7 @@
#undef fflush
-#if defined _IO_ftrylockfile || __GNU_LIBRARY__ == 1 /* GNU libc, BeOS, Haiku, Linux libc5 */
+#if defined _IO_EOF_SEEN || __GNU_LIBRARY__ == 1 /* GNU libc, BeOS, Haiku, Linux libc5 */
/* Clear the stream's ungetc buffer, preserving the value of ftello (fp). */
static void
@@ -72,7 +72,7 @@ clear_ungetc_buffer (FILE *fp)
-#if ! (defined _IO_ftrylockfile || __GNU_LIBRARY__ == 1 /* GNU libc, BeOS, Haiku, Linux libc5 */)
+#if ! (defined _IO_EOF_SEEN || __GNU_LIBRARY__ == 1 /* GNU libc, BeOS, Haiku, Linux libc5 */)
# if (defined __sferror || defined __DragonFly__ || defined __ANDROID__) && defined __SNPT
/* FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, DragonFly, Mac OS X, Cygwin, Minix 3, Android */
@@ -148,7 +148,7 @@ rpl_fflush (FILE *stream)
if (stream == NULL || ! freading (stream))
return fflush (stream);
-#if defined _IO_ftrylockfile || __GNU_LIBRARY__ == 1 /* GNU libc, BeOS, Haiku, Linux libc5 */
+#if defined _IO_EOF_SEEN || __GNU_LIBRARY__ == 1 /* GNU libc, BeOS, Haiku, Linux libc5 */
clear_ungetc_buffer_preserving_position (stream);
diff --git a/lib/fpurge.c b/lib/fpurge.c
index b1d417c7a..3aedcc373 100644
--- a/lib/fpurge.c
+++ b/lib/fpurge.c
@@ -62,7 +62,7 @@ fpurge (FILE *fp)
/* Most systems provide FILE as a struct and the necessary bitmask in
<stdio.h>, because they need it for implementing getc() and putc() as
fast macros. */
-# if defined _IO_ftrylockfile || __GNU_LIBRARY__ == 1 /* GNU libc, BeOS, Haiku, Linux libc5 */
+# if defined _IO_EOF_SEEN || __GNU_LIBRARY__ == 1 /* GNU libc, BeOS, Haiku, Linux libc5 */
fp->_IO_read_end = fp->_IO_read_ptr;
fp->_IO_write_ptr = fp->_IO_write_base;
/* Avoid memory leak when there is an active ungetc buffer. */
diff --git a/lib/freading.c b/lib/freading.c
index 73c28acdd..c24d0c88a 100644
--- a/lib/freading.c
+++ b/lib/freading.c
@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ freading (FILE *fp)
/* Most systems provide FILE as a struct and the necessary bitmask in
<stdio.h>, because they need it for implementing getc() and putc() as
fast macros. */
-# if defined _IO_ftrylockfile || __GNU_LIBRARY__ == 1 /* GNU libc, BeOS, Haiku, Linux libc5 */
+# if defined _IO_EOF_SEEN || __GNU_LIBRARY__ == 1 /* GNU libc, BeOS, Haiku, Linux libc5 */
return ((fp->_flags & _IO_NO_WRITES) != 0
|| ((fp->_flags & (_IO_NO_READS | _IO_CURRENTLY_PUTTING)) == 0
&& fp->_IO_read_base != NULL));
diff --git a/lib/fseeko.c b/lib/fseeko.c
index 0101ab55f..193f4e8ce 100644
--- a/lib/fseeko.c
+++ b/lib/fseeko.c
@@ -47,7 +47,7 @@ fseeko (FILE *fp, off_t offset, int whence)
/* These tests are based on fpurge.c. */
-#if defined _IO_ftrylockfile || __GNU_LIBRARY__ == 1 /* GNU libc, BeOS, Haiku, Linux libc5 */
+#if defined _IO_EOF_SEEN || __GNU_LIBRARY__ == 1 /* GNU libc, BeOS, Haiku, Linux libc5 */
if (fp->_IO_read_end == fp->_IO_read_ptr
&& fp->_IO_write_ptr == fp->_IO_write_base
&& fp->_IO_save_base == NULL)
@@ -123,7 +123,7 @@ fseeko (FILE *fp, off_t offset, int whence)
return -1;
-#if defined _IO_ftrylockfile || __GNU_LIBRARY__ == 1 /* GNU libc, BeOS, Haiku, Linux libc5 */
+#if defined _IO_EOF_SEEN || __GNU_LIBRARY__ == 1 /* GNU libc, BeOS, Haiku, Linux libc5 */
fp->_flags &= ~_IO_EOF_SEEN;
fp->_offset = pos;
#elif defined __sferror || defined __DragonFly__ || defined __ANDROID__
diff --git a/lib/fseterr.c b/lib/fseterr.c
index 82649c3ac..adb637256 100644
--- a/lib/fseterr.c
+++ b/lib/fseterr.c
@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ fseterr (FILE *fp)
/* Most systems provide FILE as a struct and the necessary bitmask in
<stdio.h>, because they need it for implementing getc() and putc() as
fast macros. */
-#if defined _IO_ftrylockfile || __GNU_LIBRARY__ == 1 /* GNU libc, BeOS, Haiku, Linux libc5 */
+#if defined _IO_EOF_SEEN || __GNU_LIBRARY__ == 1 /* GNU libc, BeOS, Haiku, Linux libc5 */
fp->_flags |= _IO_ERR_SEEN;
#elif defined __sferror || defined __DragonFly__ || defined __ANDROID__
/* FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, DragonFly, Mac OS X, Cygwin, Minix 3, Android */
diff --git a/lib/stdio-impl.h b/lib/stdio-impl.h
index 78d896e9f..05c5752a2 100644
--- a/lib/stdio-impl.h
+++ b/lib/stdio-impl.h
@@ -18,6 +18,12 @@
the same implementation of stdio extension API, except that some fields
have different naming conventions, or their access requires some casts. */
+/* Glibc 2.28 made _IO_IN_BACKUP private. For now, work around this
+ problem by defining it ourselves. FIXME: Do not rely on glibc
+ internals. */
+#if !defined _IO_IN_BACKUP && defined _IO_EOF_SEEN
+# define _IO_IN_BACKUP 0x100
/* BSD stdio derived implementations. */

SPECS/gzip.spec Normal file
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@ -0,0 +1,503 @@
Summary: The GNU data compression program
Name: gzip
Version: 1.9
Release: 4%{?dist}
# info pages are under GFDL license
License: GPLv3+ and GFDL
Group: Applications/File
# downstream solution for coloured z*grep (#1034839)
Source100: colorzgrep.csh
Patch1: gnulib.patch
# Fixed in upstream code.
# Requires should not be added for gzip wrappers (eg. zdiff, zgrep,
# zless) of another tools, because gzip "extends" the tools by its
# wrappers much more than it "requires" them.
Requires: /sbin/install-info
Requires: coreutils
BuildRequires: texinfo
Conflicts: filesystem < 3
Provides: /bin/gunzip
Provides: /bin/gzip
Provides: /bin/zcat
# Gzip contains bundled Gnulib
# exception
Provides: bundled(gnulib)
The gzip package contains the popular GNU gzip data compression
program. Gzipped files have a .gz extension.
Gzip should be installed on your system, because it is a
very commonly used data compression program.
%setup -q
%patch1 -p1 -b .gnulib
cp %{SOURCE1} .
export DEFS="NO_ASM"
export CC="%{__cc}"
export CPP="%{__cpp}"
export CXX="%{__cxx}"
rm -rf ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}
gzip -9nf ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}%{_infodir}/*
# we don't ship it, so let's remove it from ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}
rm -f ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}%{_infodir}/dir
# uncompress is a part of ncompress package
rm -f ${RPM_BUILD_ROOT}/%{_bindir}/uncompress
# coloured z*grep (#1034839)
%global profiledir %{_sysconfdir}/profile.d
mkdir -p %{buildroot}%{profiledir}
install -p -m 644 %{SOURCE100} %{buildroot}%{profiledir}
install -p -m 644 %{SOURCE101} %{buildroot}%{profiledir}
if [ -f %{_infodir}/* ]; then
/sbin/install-info %{_infodir}/ %{_infodir}/dir || :
if [ $1 = 0 ]; then
if [ -f %{_infodir}/* ]; then
/sbin/install-info --delete %{_infodir}/ %{_infodir}/dir || :
%{!?_licensedir:%global license %%doc}
%license COPYING fdl-1.3.txt
* Tue Aug 07 2018 Jakub Martisko <> - 1.9-4
- Fix FTBFS bug (gnulib problems)
- more details:
Resolves 1611722
* Fri Feb 09 2018 Igor Gnatenko <> - 1.9-3
- Escape macros in %%changelog
* Wed Feb 07 2018 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.9-2
- Rebuilt for
* Wed Jan 10 2018 Jakub Martisko <> - 1.9-1
- rebase to v1.9
* Wed Aug 02 2017 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.8-4
- Rebuilt for
* Wed Jul 26 2017 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.8-3
- Rebuilt for
* Fri Feb 10 2017 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.8-2
- Rebuilt for
* Fri Jul 01 2016 Petr Stodulka <> - 1.8-1
- rebase to v1.8
- gzip -l no longer falsely reports a write error when writing to a pipe
* Tue Apr 05 2016 Petr Stodulka <> - 1.7-1
- rebase to new upstream version 1.7
- dropped all patches (almost all issues are fixed in new upstream version,
sometimes in different way)
- only patch gzip-1.3.12-openbsd-owl-tmp.patch is untested - code is changed
significantly and patch is undocumented from archaic time, so I drop it too
Resolves: #1321560
* Wed Feb 03 2016 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.6-10
- Rebuilt for
* Thu Jul 09 2015 Petr Stodulka <> - 1.6-9
- fix zless for archive with empty file (#1238298)
* Wed Jun 17 2015 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.6-8
- Rebuilt for
* Sat Feb 21 2015 Till Maas <> - 1.6-7
- Rebuilt for Fedora 23 Change
* Tue Aug 26 2014 Petr Stodulka <> - 1.6-7
- correct changelog
* Tue Aug 26 2014 Petr Stodulka <> - 1.6-6
- changed spec file - build section
obey compiler macros %%__cc, %%__cpp, %%__cxx (#667144)
- zgrep inherits color setup from grep (#1034839)
* Sat Aug 16 2014 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.6-5
- Rebuilt for
* Sat Jul 12 2014 Tom Callaway <> - 1.6-4
- fix license handling
* Fri Jun 06 2014 Petr Stodulka <> - 1.6-3
- Added description of rsyncable into the manpage (#988713)
* Sat Aug 03 2013 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.6-2
- Rebuilt for
* Tue Jun 11 2013 Michal Luscon <> - 1.6-1
- New upstream version
- Removed addsuffix.patch
* Thu Mar 14 2013 Michal Luscon <> - 1.5-5
- Adjust gzip-1.3.5-zforce patch
* Thu Feb 14 2013 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.5-4
- Rebuilt for
* Tue Nov 13 2012 Daniel Drake <> - 1.5-3
- Fix "gzip --rsyncable" functionality by removing a spurious blank line from
the patch.
* Thu Jul 19 2012 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.5-2
- Rebuilt for
* Thu Jun 21 2012 Michal Luscon <>
- Added bundled(glib)
* Tue Jun 19 2012 Michal Luscon <> 1.5-1
- New upstream version
- Removed gzip-1.3.9-stderr.patch
- Removed gzip-1.3.10-zgreppipe.patch
- Removed gzip-1.3.13-noemptysuffix.patch
* Wed Jan 25 2012 Harald Hoyer <> 1.4-6
- add filesystem guard
* Wed Jan 25 2012 Harald Hoyer <> 1.4-5
- install everything in /usr
* Fri Jan 13 2012 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.4-4
- Rebuilt for
* Wed Feb 09 2011 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.4-3
- Rebuilt for
* Mon Sep 6 2010 Karel Klic <> - 1.4-2
- Removed the dependency on less (rhbz#629580)
- Removed the BuildRoot tag
- Removed the %%clean section
* Tue Mar 16 2010 Karel Klic <> - 1.4-1
- New upstream release
- Use XZ upstream source archive
- Removed cve-2010-0001 patch as it's fixed in this release
- Removed zdiff patch as it's fixed in this release
* Mon Feb 22 2010 Karel Klic <> - 1.3.13-3
- Added a patch to disallow -S '' parameter (noemptysuffix)
* Fri Jan 22 2010 Karel Klic <> - 1.3.13-2
- Fixed CVE-2010-0001 (rhbz#554418)
* Tue Dec 1 2009 Karel Klic <> - 1.3.13-1
- New upstream version
- Updated license from GPLv2 to GPLv3+
- Removed gzip-1.3.12-futimens.patch, as it is fixed in the new version
- Updated rsync patch to the new upstream version
- Updated cve-2006-4337 patch to use gzip_error instead of error
* Fri Oct 9 2009 Ivana Varekova <> - 1.3.12-12
- change the source tag
* Tue Aug 11 2009 Ivana Varekova <varekova redhat com> - 1.3.12-11
- fix installation with --excludedocs option (#515975)
* Fri Jul 24 2009 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.3.12-10
- Rebuilt for
* Fri Mar 13 2009 Ivana Varekova <> - 1.3.12-9
- fix #484213 - zdiff shows no output
* Tue Feb 24 2009 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.3.12-8
- Rebuilt for
* Mon Sep 1 2008 Ivana Varekova <> - 1.3.12-7
- update patches
* Wed Feb 20 2008 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 1.3.12-6
- Autorebuild for GCC 4.3
* Fri Jan 18 2008 Ivana Varekova <> - 1.3.12-5
- rebuild
* Tue Aug 28 2007 Fedora Release Engineering <rel-eng at fedoraproject dot org> - 1.3.12-4
- Rebuild for selinux ppc32 issue.
* Fri Jun 15 2007 Ivana Varekova <> - 1.3.12-3
- remove useless patches (fixed in upstream version)
* Mon Jun 11 2007 Ivana Varekova <> - 1.3.12-2
- remove useless patches
* Mon Jun 4 2007 Ivana Varekova <> - 1.3.12-1
- update to 1.3.12
* Mon Mar 5 2007 Ivana Varekova <> - 1.3.11-1
- update to 1.3.11
remove uncompress
* Tue Feb 6 2007 Ivana Varekova <> - 1.3.10-1
- Resolves: 225878
update to 1.3.10
change BuildRoot
* Mon Jan 22 2007 Ivana Varekova <> - 1.3.9-2
- Resolves: 223702
fix non-failsafe install-info problem
* Mon Jan 15 2007 Ivana Varekova <> - 1.3.9-1
- rebuild to 1.3.9
- spec cleanup
* Wed Nov 22 2006 Ivana Varekova <> - 1.3.5-11
- fix too strict uncompress function
* Mon Oct 23 2006 Ivana Varekova <> - 1.3.5-10
- fix package description (#208924)
* Sun Oct 01 2006 Jesse Keating <> - 1.3.5-9
- rebuilt for unwind info generation, broken in gcc-4.1.1-21
* Wed Sep 20 2006 Ivana Varekova <> 1.3.5-8
- fix bug 204676 (patches by Tavis Ormandy)
- cve-2006-4334 - null dereference problem
- cve-2006-4335 - buffer overflow problem
- cve-2006-4336 - buffer underflow problem
- cve-2006-4338 - infinite loop problem
- cve-2006-4337 - buffer overflow problem
* Fri Jul 14 2006 Karsten Hopp <> 1.3.5-7
- buildrequire texinfo, otherwise will be empty
* Wed Jul 12 2006 Jesse Keating <> - 1.3.5-6.2.2
- rebuild
* Fri Feb 10 2006 Jesse Keating <> - 1.3.5-6.2.1
- bump again for double-long bug on ppc(64)
* Tue Feb 07 2006 Jesse Keating <> - 1.3.5-6.2
- rebuilt for new gcc4.1 snapshot and glibc changes
* Fri Dec 09 2005 Jesse Keating <>
- rebuilt
* Mon May 02 2005 Ivana Varekova <> 1.3.5-6
- rebuilt
* Fri Apr 29 2005 Ivana Varekova <> 1.3.5-5
- fix bug 156269 - CAN-2005-1228 directory traversal bug
(using the patch from Ulf Harnhammar)
* Tue Apr 26 2005 Ivana Varekova <> 1.3.5-4
- fix bug 155746 - CAN-2005-0988 Race condition in gzip (patch9)
* Wed Mar 23 2005 Tomas Mraz <> 1.3.5-3
- don't use the asm code again as it's slower than the gcc compiled one
- convert the .spec to UTF-8
* Tue Mar 22 2005 Tomas Mraz <> 1.3.5-2
- upstream 1.3.5
- dropped long ago obsolete dirinfo patch
- escape file names in zgrep (#123012)
- make stack in match.S nonexecutable
* Fri Mar 04 2005 Jiri Ryska <>
- rebuilt
* Mon Dec 13 2004 Ivana Varekova <>
- fix patch - remove brackets
* Mon Dec 13 2004 Ivana Varekova <>
- fix bug #106551 problem with zmore which requires the suffix .gz in file name
* Tue Jun 15 2004 Elliot Lee <>
- rebuilt
* Fri Feb 13 2004 Elliot Lee <>
- rebuilt
* Tue Oct 28 2003 Jeff Johnson <> 1.3.3-11
- rebuilt.
* Wed Jun 04 2003 Elliot Lee <>
- rebuilt
* Fri Jan 31 2003 Jeff Johnson <> 1.3.3-9
- enlarge window buffer to avoid accessing beyond end-of-buffer (#78413,#83095).
- re-enable rsync ready patch.
* Wed Jan 22 2003 Tim Powers <>
- rebuilt
* Fri Nov 22 2002 Jeff Johnson <> 1.3.3-7
- workaround mis-compilation with gcc-3.2-4 on alpha for now (#78413).
* Mon Nov 18 2002 Tim Powers <>
- rebuild on all arches
- remove file from buildroot we aren't shipping
* Fri Jun 21 2002 Tim Powers <>
- automated rebuild
* Fri Jun 21 2002 Trond Eivind Glomsrød <> 1.3.3-4
- Fix the reading of unitialized memory problem (#66913)
* Thu May 23 2002 Tim Powers <>
- automated rebuild
* Thu Apr 25 2002 Trond Eivind Glomsrød <> 1.3.3-2
- Rebuild
* Wed Mar 13 2002 Trond Eivind Glomsrød <> 1.3.3-1
- 1.3.3
* Sun Mar 10 2002 Florian La Roche <>
- add rsyncable patch #58888
* Thu Feb 21 2002 Trond Eivind Glomsrød <> 1.3.2-3
- Rebuild
* Wed Jan 09 2002 Tim Powers <>
- automated rebuild
* Mon Nov 19 2001 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <> 1.3.2-1
- 1.3.2: no need for autoconf 2.5x hacks anymore
* Sat Nov 17 2001 Florian La Roche <>
- update to 1.3.1:
- disable patch2
* Fri Oct 26 2001 Trond Eivind Glomsrød <> 1.3.0-16
- replace tempfile patches with improved ones
- Add less to the dependency chain - zless needs it
* Thu Aug 23 2001 Trond Eivind Glomsrød <> 1.3.0-15
- Fix typo in comment in zgrep (#52465)
- Copyright -> License
* Tue Jun 5 2001 Trond Eivind Glomsrød <>
- Patch various uses of $$ in the bundled scripts
* Mon Jun 4 2001 Trond Eivind Glomsrød <>
- Fix the SIGPIPE patch to avoid blank lines (#43319)
* Thu Feb 08 2001 Philipp Knirsch <>
- Fixed buzilla bug #26680. Wrong skip value after mktemp patch and forced
overwrite for output file during decompression.
* Tue Jan 30 2001 Trond Eivind Glomsrød <>
- trap SIGPIPE in zgrep, so "zgrep | less" gets a happy ending
* Sun Dec 10 2000 Trond Eivind Glomsrød <>
- add HAVE_LSTAT define, to avoid it doing weird things to symlinks
instead of ignoring them as the docs say it should (#22045)
* Fri Dec 01 2000 Trond Eivind Glomsrød <>
- rebuild
* Thu Nov 09 2000 Trond Eivind Glomsrød <>
- patch all scripts so usage error messages are written to
stderr (#20597)
* Mon Oct 30 2000 Trond Eivind Glomsrød <>
- disable assembly, as it is faster without it (bug #19910)
* Thu Jul 13 2000 Prospector <>
- automatic rebuild
* Tue Jun 27 2000 Trond Eivind Glomsrød <>
- rebuild
* Wed Jun 07 2000 Trond Eivind Glomsrød <>
- Use %%{_mandir}, %%{_infodir}, %%configure, %%makeinstall
and %%{_tmppath}
* Fri May 12 2000 Trond Eivind Glomsrød <>
- Add root as default owner of the files, permits building
as non-root user
* Wed May 10 2000 Trond Eivind Glomsrød <>
- Build system handles stripping
- Don't do thing the system does, like creating directories
- use --bindir /bin
- Added URL
- skip unnecesarry sed step
- Include THANKS, AUTHORS, ChangeLog, TODO
* Mon Mar 20 2000 Bernhard Rosenkraenzer <>
- 1.3
- handle RPM_OPT_FLAGS
* Tue Feb 15 2000 Cristian Gafton <>
- handle compressed man pages even better
* Tue Feb 08 2000 Cristian Gafton <>
- adopt patch from Paul Eggert to fix detection of the improper tables in
- the latest released version 1.2.4a, which provides documentation updates
only. But it lets us use small revision numbers again
- add an dirinfo entry for so we can get rid of the ugly --entry
args to install-info
* Mon Feb 7 2000 Bill Nottingham <>
- handle compressed manpages
* Thu Feb 03 2000 Elliot Lee <>
- Fix bug #7970
* Sun Mar 21 1999 Cristian Gafton <>
- auto rebuild in the new build environment (release 14)
* Thu Dec 17 1998 Cristian Gafton <>
- built against gliibc 2.1
* Thu May 07 1998 Prospector System <>
- translations modified for de, fr, tr
* Thu Apr 09 1998 Cristian Gafton <>
- added /usr/bin/gzip and /usr/bin/gunzip symlinks as some programs are too
brain dead to figure out they should be at least trying to use $PATH
- added BuildRoot
* Wed Jan 28 1998 Erik Troan <>
- fix /tmp races
* Sun Sep 14 1997 Erik Troan <>
- uses install-info
- applied patch for gzexe
* Mon Jun 02 1997 Erik Troan <>
- built against glibc
* Tue Apr 22 1997 Marc Ewing <>
- (Entry added for Marc by Erik) fixed gzexe to use /bin/gzip