Remove epoch from Red Hat sbat entry

a8_new_sb changed/a8/grub2-2.02-123.el8_6.8.alma
Andrew Lukoshko 1 year ago
parent bcb1651fe1
commit 2485d22941

@ -49,7 +49,7 @@ Source19:
# AlmaLinux: keep upstream EVR for RHEL SBAT entry
%define rhel_evr $(echo %{evr} | sed 's/\.alma.*//')
%define rhel_version_release $(echo %{version}-%{release} | sed 's/\.alma.*//')
# generate with do-rebase
%include %{SOURCE2}
@ -168,7 +168,7 @@ This subpackage provides tools for support of all platforms.
mkdir grub-%{grubefiarch}-%{tarversion}
grep -A100000 '# stuff "make" creates' .gitignore > grub-%{grubefiarch}-%{tarversion}/.gitignore
cp %{SOURCE4} grub-%{grubefiarch}-%{tarversion}/unifont.pcf.gz
sed -e "s,@@VERSION@@,%{version},g" -e "s,@@VERSION_RELEASE@@,%{version}-%{release},g" -e "s,@@RHEL_VERSION_RELEASE@@,%{rhel_evr},g" \
sed -e "s,@@VERSION@@,%{version},g" -e "s,@@VERSION_RELEASE@@,%{version}-%{release},g" -e "s,@@RHEL_VERSION_RELEASE@@,%{rhel_version_release},g" \
%{SOURCE19} > grub-%{grubefiarch}-%{tarversion}/sbat.csv
git add grub-%{grubefiarch}-%{tarversion}