Update requirements

Some build requirements are provided from multiple modules and there
could be conflicts when the package is built.
Packages from jaxb module are newer but they are compiled with java11.
This package has to be compiled with java8 so the compilation was failing.

To get the correct package a version an upper limit is specified.
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Marco Fargetta 2023-12-04 11:16:17 +01:00
parent 1298df2df2
commit 143d3f6122
1 changed files with 4 additions and 1 deletions

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@ -1,6 +1,6 @@
Name: glassfish-jaxb
Version: 2.2.11
Release: 11%{?dist}
Release: 12%{?dist}
Summary: JAXB Reference Implementation
License: CDDL-1.1 and GPLv2 with exceptions
@ -213,6 +213,9 @@ This package contains the API documentation for %{name}.
* Mon Dec 04 2023 Fraser Tweedale <ftweedal@redhat.com> - 2.2.11-12
- Update requiremnts to avoid conflicts with jaxb module packages
* Tue Aug 07 2018 Fraser Tweedale <ftweedal@redhat.com> - 2.2.11-11
- Avoid dependencies on msv and glassfish-dtd-parser