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Package %{scl_name} is the main package for Red Hat GCC
Toolset 11. By installing the %{scl_name} package, you will get
the working set of packages that are included in Red Hat GCC
Toolset 11. It is possible to install only certain components,
such as the toolchain packages used to develop and debug
applications, since this package contains a number of meta packages.
These are: %{scl_name}-perftools, which includes performance
monitoring tools; and %{scl_name}-toolchain, which includes
development and debugging tools.
Usage: scl enable %{scl} <command>
Red Hat GCC Toolset allows you to build and execute applications
which are not located in the filesystem root hierarchy, but are
stored in an alternative location, which is %{_scl_root} in case
of the %{scl_name} collection.
scl enable %{scl_name} 'command --arg'
Run a specific command with the argument --arg within the %{scl_name}
Red Hat GCC Toolset environment.
scl enable %{scl_name} 'gcc'
Run GCC from the %{scl_name} Red Hat GCC Toolset.
scl enable %{scl_name} 'bash'
Run an interactive shell wherein the %{scl_name} software collection
is enabled.
scl enable %{scl_name} 'man gcc'
Show man pages for the gcc command, which is a part of the
%{scl_name} Red Hat GCC Toolset.
Report bugs to <http://bugzilla.redhat.com>.