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# Simple shell script to wait for the tty for an uart using BT HCI to show up
# and then invoke btattach with the right parameters, this is intended to be
# invoked from a hardware-activated systemd service
# For now this only suports ACPI enumerated Broadcom BT HCIs.
# This has been tested on Bay and Cherry Trail devices with both ACPI and
# PCI enumerated UARTs.
# Note the kernel bt developers are working on solving this entirely in the
# kernel, so it is not worth the trouble to write something better then this.
BT_DEV="$(readlink -f $BT_DEV)"
UART_DEV="$(dirname $BT_DEV)"
# Stupid GPD-pocket has USB BT with id 0000:0000, but still claims to have
# an uart attached bt
if [ "$1" = "BCM2E7E:00" ] && lsusb | grep -q "ID 0000:0000"; then
exit 0
while [ ! -d "$UART_DEV/tty" ]; do
sleep .2
TTY="$(ls $UART_DEV/tty)"
exec btattach --bredr "/dev/$TTY" -P bcm