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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import unittest2 as unittest
except ImportError:
import unittest
import argparse
from parameterized import parameterized
from pungi_utils import config_utils
class TestDefineHelpers(unittest.TestCase):
([], {}),
(["foo=bar", "baz=quux"], {"foo": "bar", "baz": "quux"}),
(["foo="], {"foo": ""}),
(["foo==bar"], {"foo": "=bar"}),
def test_extract_defines(self, input, expected):
self.assertEqual(config_utils.extract_defines(input), expected)
@parameterized.expand(["foo=bar", "foo=", "foo==bar"])
def test_validate_define_correct(self, value):
self.assertEqual(config_utils.validate_definition(value), value)
@parameterized.expand(["foo", "=", "=foo", "1=2"])
def test_validate_define_incorrect(self, value):
with self.assertRaises(argparse.ArgumentTypeError):
def test_remove_unknown(self):
conf = {"foo": "bar"}
config_utils.remove_unknown(conf, ["foo"])
self.assertEqual(conf, {})
def test_remove_known(self):
conf = {"release_name": "bar"}
config_utils.remove_unknown(conf, ["release_name"])
self.assertEqual(conf, {"release_name": "bar"})