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soksanichenko 323d31df2b Merge branch 'master' into a8_updated
# Conflicts:
#	pungi.spec
#	pungi/wrappers/
#	tests/
#	tests/
11 months ago
specs Regenerate test fixture repo 4 years ago
test_create_extra_repo/test_repo/repodata LU-2133: Prepare CI for iso builds of CLOSS 8 3 years ago
test_create_packages_json - The unittests are fixed 11 months ago
client.conf Update test data 5 years ago
dummy-comps.xml Filter out environment groups unmatch given arch 2 years ago
dummy-override.json Add --schema-override to pungi-config-validate script 4 years ago
dummy-pungi.conf createiso: Make ISO level more granular 1 year ago
dummy-variants.xml init: Keep parent groups in addon comps environments 5 years ago
multi-compose-variants.xml Add script to orchestrate multiple composes 5 years ago
multi-compose.conf orchestrator: Support generic pre- and post- scripts 5 years ago
resilient-storage.conf Update test data 5 years ago
server.conf Update test data 5 years ago