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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
class SimpleAcyclicOrientedGraph(object):
Stores a graph data structure and allows operation with it.
Example data: {'P1': ['P2'], 'P3': ['P4', 'P5'], 'P2': 'P3'}
Graph is constructed by adding oriented edges one by one. It can not contain cycles.
Main result is spanning line, it determines ordering of the nodes.
def __init__(self):
self._graph = {}
self._all_nodes = set()
def add_edge(self, start, end):
Add one edge from node 'start' to node 'end'.
This operation must not create a cycle in the graph.
if start == end:
raise ValueError(
"Can not add this kind of edge into graph: %s-%s" % (start, end)
self._graph.setdefault(start, [])
if end not in self._graph[start]:
# try to find opposite direction path (from end to start)
# to detect newly created cycle
path = SimpleAcyclicOrientedGraph.find_path(self._graph, end, start)
if path:
raise ValueError("There is a cycle in the graph: %s" % path)
def get_active_nodes(self):
nodes connected to any edge
active_nodes = set()
for start, ends in self._graph.items():
return active_nodes
def is_final_endpoint(self, node):
edge(s) ends in this node; no other edge starts in this node
if node not in self._all_nodes:
return ValueError("This node is not found in the graph: %s" % node)
if node not in self.get_active_nodes():
return False
return False if node in self._graph else True
def remove_final_endpoint(self, node):
remove_start_points = []
for start, ends in self._graph.items():
if node in ends:
if not ends:
for start in remove_start_points:
del self._graph[start]
def find_path(graph, start, end, path=[]):
find path among nodes 'start' and 'end' recursively
path = path + [start]
if start == end:
return path
if start not in graph:
return None
for node in graph[start]:
if node not in path:
newpath = SimpleAcyclicOrientedGraph.find_path(graph, node, end, path)
if newpath:
return newpath
return None
def prune_graph(self):
Construct spanning_line by pruning the graph.
Looking for endpoints and remove them one by one until graph is empty.
spanning_line = []
while self._graph:
for node in sorted(self._all_nodes):
if self.is_final_endpoint(node):
spanning_line.insert(0, node)
# orphan node = no edge is connected with this node
orphans = self._all_nodes - self.get_active_nodes()
if orphans:
# restart iteration not to set size self._all_nodes
# during iteration
for orphan in orphans:
if orphan not in spanning_line:
spanning_line.insert(0, orphan)
return spanning_line