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# Pungi
*Pungi* is a distribution compose tool.
Composes are release snapshots that contain release deliverables such as:
- installation trees
- RPMs
- repodata
- comps
- (bootable) ISOs
- kickstart trees
- anaconda images
- images for PXE boot
## Tool overview
*Pungi* consists of multiple separate executables backed by a common library.
The main entry-point is the `pungi-koji` script. It loads the compose
configuration and kicks off the process. Composing itself is done in phases.
Each phase is responsible for generating some artifacts on disk and updating
the `compose` object that is threaded through all the phases.
*Pungi* itself does not actually do that much. Most of the actual work is
delegated to separate executables. *Pungi* just makes sure that all the
commands are invoked in the appropriate order and with correct arguments. It
also moves the artifacts to correct locations.
## Links
- Documentation:
- Upstream GIT:
- Issue tracker:
- Questions can be asked in the *#fedora-releng* IRC channel on
or in the matrix room