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Jeremy Cline ee1ee0467b extra-files: Write a metadata file enumerating extra files
Introduces a new metadata file to track arbitrary files added during the
extra-files phase. This file is placed in the root of each tree and is
called ``extra_files.json``. It is a JSON file containing a single
object, which contains a "header" key with an object describing the
metadata, and a "data" key, which is an array of objects, where each
object represents a file. Each object contains the "file", "checksums",
and "size" keys. "file" is the relative path from the tree root to the
extra file. "checksums" is an object containing one or more checksums,
where the key is the digest type and the value of that key is the hex
digest. Finally, the size is the size of the file in bytes.

For example:
  "header": {"version": "1.0},
  "data": [
      "file": "GPL",
      "checksums": {
        "sha256": "8177f97513213526df2cf6184d8ff986c675afb514d4e68a404010521b880643"
      "size": 18092
      "file": "release-notes/notes.html",
      "checksums": {
        "sha256": "82b1ba8db522aadf101dca6404235fba179e559b95ea24ff39ee1e5d9a53bdcb"
      "size": 1120

Signed-off-by: Jeremy Cline <>
Fixes: #295
7 years ago
Daniel Mach f5c6d44000 Initial changes for Pungi 4.0. 9 years ago