osbuild: don't use `util.get_repo_urls()`

Don't use `util.get_repo_urls()` to resolve provided repositories, but
implement osbuild-specific variant of the function named
`_get_repo_urls(). The reason is that the function from `utils`
transforms repositories defined as dicts to strings, which is
undesired for osbuild. The requirement for osbuild is to preserve the
dict as is, just to resolve the string in `baseurl` to the actual
repository URL.

Add a unit test covering the newly added function. It is inspired by a
similar test from `test_util.py`.

Signed-off-by: Tomáš Hozza <thozza@redhat.com>
Tomáš Hozza 10 months ago
parent ef6d40dce4
commit e3072c3d5f
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@ -27,6 +27,35 @@ class OSBuildPhase(
arches = set(image_conf["arches"]) & arches
return sorted(arches)
def _get_repo_urls(compose, repos, arch="$basearch"):
Get list of repos with resolved repo URLs. Preserve repos defined
as dicts.
resolved_repos = []
for repo in repos:
if isinstance(repo, dict):
url = repo["baseurl"]
except KeyError:
raise RuntimeError(
"`baseurl` is required in repo dict %s" % str(repo)
url = util.get_repo_url(compose, url, arch=arch)
if url is None:
raise RuntimeError("Failed to resolve repo URL for %s" % str(repo))
repo["baseurl"] = url
repo = util.get_repo_url(compose, repo, arch=arch)
if repo is None:
raise RuntimeError("Failed to resolve repo URL for %s" % repo)
return resolved_repos
def _get_repo(self, image_conf, variant):
Get a list of repos. First included are those explicitly listed in
@ -38,7 +67,7 @@ class OSBuildPhase(
if not variant.is_empty and variant.uid not in repos:
return util.get_repo_urls(self.compose, repos, arch="$arch")
return OSBuildPhase._get_repo_urls(self.compose, repos, arch="$arch")
def run(self):
for variant in self.compose.get_variants():

@ -3,14 +3,76 @@
import mock
import os
import shutil
import tempfile
import unittest
import koji as orig_koji
from tests import helpers
from pungi import compose
from pungi.phases import osbuild
from pungi.checks import validate
class OSBuildPhaseHelperFuncsTest(unittest.TestCase):
def setUp(self, ci):
self.tmp_dir = tempfile.mkdtemp()
conf = {"translate_paths": [(self.tmp_dir, "http://example.com")]}
ci.return_value.compose.respin = 0
ci.return_value.compose.id = "RHEL-8.0-20180101.n.0"
ci.return_value.compose.date = "20160101"
ci.return_value.compose.type = "nightly"
ci.return_value.compose.type_suffix = ".n"
ci.return_value.compose.label = "RC-1.0"
ci.return_value.compose.label_major_version = "1"
compose_dir = os.path.join(self.tmp_dir, ci.return_value.compose.id)
self.compose = compose.Compose(conf, compose_dir)
server_variant = mock.Mock(uid="Server", type="variant")
client_variant = mock.Mock(uid="Client", type="variant")
self.compose.all_variants = {
"Server": server_variant,
"Client": client_variant,
def tearDown(self):
def test__get_repo_urls(self):
repos = [
"baseurl": "Client",
"package_sets": ["build"],
"baseurl": "ftp://example.com/linux/repo",
"package_sets": ["build"],
expect = [
"baseurl": "http://example.com/RHEL-8.0-20180101.n.0/compose/Client/"
+ "$basearch/os",
"package_sets": ["build"],
"baseurl": "ftp://example.com/linux/repo",
"package_sets": ["build"],
osbuild.OSBuildPhase._get_repo_urls(self.compose, repos), expect
class OSBuildPhaseTest(helpers.PungiTestCase):
def test_run(self, ThreadPool):