Add documentation for modular composes

List all available configuration options and go into some detail on how
modules should be specified. This would probably deserver a more
thorough explanation, but it's still bit in a flux.

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@ -538,7 +538,11 @@ Options
**gather_source** [mandatory]
(*str*) -- from where to read initial package list; expected values: "comps", "none"
(*str*) -- from where to read initial package list; expected values:
``comps``, ``none``, ``module``
When ``comps`` is selected, you have to specify ``comps_file`` option. When
``module`` is selected, you have to :ref:`configure PDC API url <pdc-settings>`.
**gather_method** [mandatory]
(*str*) -- Options are ``deps`` and ``nodeps``. Specifies whether package
@ -1417,6 +1421,26 @@ Media Checksums Settings
.. _pdc-settings:
PDC Settings
Modular compose needs a PDC instance to talk to so that it can query list of
module contents.
(*str*) -- URL to the PDC API
**pdc_develop** = ``False``
(*bool*) -- Turning this option on makes the client skip any authentication
assuming the server is open to anyone. This is useful for debugging against
a local instance, but you most likely do not want this in production.
**pdc_insecure** = ``False``
(*bool*) -- Enable this to skip SSL certificate verification. This is a bad
idea in production.
Translate Paths Settings

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@ -78,3 +78,25 @@ Profiling
Profiling data on the ``pungi-gather`` tool can be enabled by setting the
``gather_profiler`` configuration option to ``True``.
Modular compose
A compose with ``gather_source`` set to ``module`` is called *modular*. The
package list is determined by a list of modules.
The list of modules that will be put into a variant is defined in the
``variants.xml`` file. The file can contain either *Name:Stream* or
*Name:Stream:Version* references. See `Module Naming Policy
for details. When *Version* is missing from the specification, Pungi will ask
PDC for the latest one.
The module metadata in PDC contains a list of RPMs in the module as well as
Koji tag from which the packages can be retrieved.
* A modular compose must always use Koji as a package set source.