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# -*- coding: utf-8 -*-
import argparse
import re
from pungi.checks import make_schema
def validate_definition(value):
"""Check that the variable name is a valid Python variable name, and that
there is an equals sign. The value can by anything non-empty.
if not re.match(r"^[a-z_]\w*=.*$", value):
raise argparse.ArgumentTypeError(
"definition should be in var=value format: %r" % value
return value
def extract_defines(args):
"""Given an iterable of "key=value" strings, parse them into a dict."""
return dict(var.split("=", 1) for var in args)
def remove_unknown(conf, keys):
"""Remove given keys from the config unless they are known Pungi options."""
schema = make_schema()
for key in keys:
if key not in schema["properties"]:
del conf[key]